Sunday, January 21, 2007

An answer to Steve about high blood pressure

"I recently moved from beta blockers to enalapril 10 mg and have begun to feel much better. Carido work is more effective and other signs of physical improvements are emerging. I found your review of Hyperestol interesting. I am an informed 54 year old, generally healthy and want to grow old with optimal health and a hand with as few pills as possible in it. I am working hard to be drug free but in the meantime, how would I go about incorporating Hyperestol in my regimen while taking enalapril?

thank you Steve"

High blood pressure is not an illness in itself, even if you have to cure it.
First we must establish when considering it dangerous.
They say it shouldn't be more than 140/90.
But some people feel goood with 120/80 or lower and others have a normal blood pressure with 170/100.

They also say you have good chances to live longer if your blood pressure is lower.
I do not think it is a must.
You can die young with a low pressure as you can die old with a very high one.

The reasons why the blood pressure is high can be many.
Usually when you eat more than what you are supposed to and a lot of fat food, you are likely to have it.
As I said, our blood system is like a circuit where the heart is the pump.
If the pipes are free the blood runs more easily, so that the heart has to pump with less pressure.
If the pipes are not clean and the blood is fat and not fluid, then the heart needs more strenght and does a bigger job.
If you overuse your pump there comes the moment in which you can have big problems.
So, one way to fight high pressure is to make the blood more fluid and a way to make the blood more fluid is to eat less fat and having a good functioning liver that can transform the fat you eat and use it.

In principle, if you eat the right food and have some daily excercise, you wouldn't need any drug for high pressure, because you wouldn't have high pressure.

We all like to live the "easy and comfortable life" and think that anyway there is a "pill" for everything.
The reality is that there isn't "a pill" for everything and since the medical science is in its early beginnings in spite of what we are told, usually if a "pill" is good for one thing, it is bad for another.
Because our body is so perfect and wonderful that can ajust to every situation and find the "feedback" way to fight against something that changes ist balance.

That is for explaining that, whatever substance you use, your body gets used to it and ajust to the new situation, so that after a while you either have change drug or upgrade the doses.

That of course doesn't happen if you fight the real cause of your symptoms.
For example, if you have high pressure because you eat too much and the wrong food, the moment you change your lifestyle, the body will feel relieved and your heart will need to "pump" less and your pressure will be lower.

I do not say that all drugs are bad.
On the contrary, you must take what the doctor prescribes you, but in the meantime you have to find out the reason of it and, if possible, change your habits.
And believe me, high pressure is one of those symptoms that can be cured for 90% just changing your lifestyle.

This is all for today.

A pharmacist looking for a role

Yes, I am a pharmacist.
And being a pharmacist is almost like being a criminal.
Once a criminal, always a criminal, once a pharmacist always a pharmacist...

What does it mean to me being a pharmacist?
Once he was the one who could read the doctor's hieroglyphics and prepare something with his own hands, which was supposed to heal the "patient".

Now, he cannot compete with the huge pharmaceutical industry and so what is his job?
For me he has a even more precious role in a society where nobody has time for anybody, where money is the ultimate goal of any human action.
He has the role to give people his time and his knowledge of life.
And his knowledge of life is huge, at least mine is, since I listened for twenty years to people in pain, to people worried for somebody of the family, to people who wanted to know something more about themselves.

And to all I explained that the first requirement to have a good life was to have a good attitude towards life and why not? Also towards death...
Our soul will live forever, not as a spiritual entity, but as the DNA chain that our sons and the sons of our sons will pass from one generation to the other.
Our body will just finish his job sooner or later and the way it does his job depends from us.
If we are willing to listen to our body, if we are willing to LEARN to understand what our body tells us, then our life will be a good one.
If we will just pretend we know everything, and everything better, or we will believe that there is a pill for every situation, one day we will understand we are wrong.
And if you have to learn something it's better sooner than later or too late...