Monday, November 12, 2007

Hair Powder Created to Care Hair between Wash

Busy women can now maintain their hair even without visiting the hair salon thanks to a new hair powder. The product, Shampodwer, was developed by California-based cosmetic manufacturer, Buttercream Cosmetics.

According to the company, Shampowder works to deodorize and refresh hair while helping to maintain volume between wash. The powder is brushed into the hair and absorbs oil. Shampowder comes in two shades, one for dark hair and one for light colored hair. reported that Jayne Polan, President of Buttercream Cosmetics said, “Shampowder is aimed at women on the go whether they are busy mums, career women or anyone who woke up late and doesn’t have time to shower.”

The product was created with assistance from Classic Cosmetics.

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