Thursday, March 6, 2008

Vinegar's benefits

Vinegar, which is created from the fermentation of ethanol, is an inexpensive and more environmentally friendly alternative to what might be in your medicine cabinet. Here are five of the ways that vinegar can be good for your health:

Apply vinegar to jellyfish stings to ease the pain.
If a jellyfish doesn't get you at the beach, the sun might. Vinegar can be applied to a sunburn to ease the effects.
Equal parts vinegar and alcohol dropped in the ear canal can ward off infection for someone with swimmer's ear.
A daily drink of one tablespoon of vinegar and one of honey mixed with water will help to ward off a cold.
Vinegar, when swabbed on a cervix will turn cancerous cells white. I don't know that this will ever come in handy ... but hey, it's good conversation starter if you find yourself chatting with an OBGYN.

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